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By: Laurel Clark
Reflecting on the most recent event put on by Events & Volunteer Day Team I am so
happy about the progress we have made and the way this initial one-off tabling event has become so much more. Our first event was planned keeping the time of year in mind, and it just so happened that Valentine’s Day was around the corner so we brainstormed as a team and came up with an idea
centered around a broadened vision of love to include self-love, love for your community, love for your family and love for your loved-ones. We then extended this idea to the main concept of the Do Better Campaign, which is quite simply to do better for yourself and others! We tabled in Anderson and Letts lobby, which are home to two of the largest first year residential populations, and aimed to start conversations with residents about what the Do Better Campaign was aiming to do, why it had been started, and how they could get involved right then and there and in the future! We had over 150 students stop and sign a personal pledge to do better for themselves and/or others.
I reached out on behalf of the Events & Volunteer Day Team to Misty Denham-Barrett,
Associate Director for First Year Experience Housing & Residence, and Ashley Boltrushek, Senior Associate Director for Residence Life & Residential Life Education, to see if we would be able to table at a Resident Assistant training session featuring professional staff and student from all across campus. They were both supportive and excited about the idea so on February 25 th Jolene and I set up our table with stickers, mailing sign-up list, and homemade boxes for the Do Better Campaign and interacted with over 50 Resident Assistants and 20 professional staff members.
We are looking forward to doing similar iterations of this project as the Do Better
Campaign continues. The Events & Volunteer Day Team is so looking forward to all the great things on the horizon!