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Reflection by Abby Bacardi

Community (n) – “A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.”

                                                                                    -Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2019

As we are rapidly approaching the halfway mark through the spring semester, it is important to ground ourselves within our communities for support, assurance and inspiration. We can find a sense of community everywhere: at our school, in our home, at our workplace, in our classroom and even in the same city. Yet although prevalent, the sense of belonging to a community that truly understands you is an invaluable gift. Steve Cammarota was a champion for inclusive and accepting communities and was known to welcome new people with open arms, and a witty comment, wherever he went. This attribute is rare and powerful and has the ability to unite people across all barriers. For these reasons and many more, I am honored to be working with Steve’s family and other students at American University to ensure that the communities that he built continue to flourish.

To many, Steve was a floormate, a fundraising partner, an academic colleague and a cherished friend. His tremendous impact on the American University campus was incomprehensible and it is my personal mission to ensure that the compassion that he brought to his communities on campus stays vibrant in his absence. By encouraging others to #DoBetter, we will encourage other students at AU to reach out to those who need support, volunteer time to help others, make selfless gestures a part of their daily routine and walk around campus with more empathy. When every student is able to feel as though they have a community supporting them unconditionally, we will know that we have honored Steve’s legacy and made him proud. 

Stay tuned on our blog to learn about the ways that you and your community can get involved and #DoBetter. We will be holding a volunteer fair, a blood drive, a restaurant fundraiser and many more exciting events!