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EagleThon Reflection

Entry by Sabrina Sampson

After the success of EAGLEThon, raising around $750, the Do Better Campaign in honor of Steve Cammarota is off to a great start! As things are progressing, our next event will be a Bake Sale for Autoimmune Awareness Month during the first week of March.  After that, we have larger events coming up such as Trivia Night at Breadsoda and Live Music Night at The Bridge. 

Throughout the class so far, there have been a range of valuable skills I have learned that are beneficial to anyone, regardless of the field they are going into post-graduation.  These key points are:

  1. Teamwork – Whether it is finance, marketing, consulting, retail, or even medicine, working with others is incredibly vital.  Regardless of the work environment, being able to lead when necessary and also know when to let others share is very vital. Finding the middle ground while working in a team is a hard but crucial skill.  On the Fundraising & Legacy team, as a group we work on dividing up the work equally, helping one another last minute, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page, which leads to the next point.
  2. Communication – Being able to effectively communicate your ideas while also effectively listening to others’ is a time-saving skill to learn.  This campaign has taught me how to quickly expressive my ideas, but open my mind to other ideas as well.  Productive communication goes hand-in-hand with teamwork.  Additionally, through communicating with Gemma, other groups, the client, and vendors, I have started to learn how that not all methods and ways of communicating works for everyone. Being flexible and understanding, especially when the topic is sensitive, is vital to career success.
  3. Creativity – Regardless of the industry, creative problem-solving techniques are very important.  Whether it is quick thinking in an emergency or innovative ways to help the client – creativity is a must.  There have been a few times our team has faced challenges that we would address together as a group and bounce new ideas off one another until we felt confident in one.

            These three key skills encompass a wide variety of the work we have done so far and the challenges we may face ahead.  What we have all learned from the Do Better campaign is not only important to our career growth, but transferable to all industries.