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Valentine’s Day Event

The Do Better campaign hosted an event for Valentine’s Day to remember Steve. Valentine’s Day is for thinking about the people we love and are close to our hearts. We want to raise awareness about our campaign and inspire others to show love.

For our loved ones, we must Do Better.

Reflection on Valentine’s Day Tabling Event

By Elizabeth Edwards

Last week, on February 12th and in celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Volunteer and Community-Based Events team held a tabling event in Letts and Anderson halls. The event encouraged students to expand the kinds of love that Valentine’s Day celebrates by pledging to Do Better for themselves, their loved ones, their friends, or their community. The event was a lot of fun to plan for, and it seemed to brighten people’s day. We wanted it to be reminiscent of sharing Valentines in elementary school, but instead of giving candy to classmates, you make a commitment to do better in a tiny way.

I’ll admit as a freshman, I sometimes avoided the people at tables in the residence halls trying to call me over. However, last week as soon as students passing by heard Steve’s story, they were immediately interested in making a pledge. That’s the kind of impact that Steve Cammarota made on people and continues to make today. We got nearly 150 people to write down ways they could do better for themselves, their communities, their friends, and their loved ones. That’s 150 small acts of goodness inspired by Steve. 150 ways to leave the world a little better than they found it, just like Steve did.  It was moving to read through the pledges people made. It really showed how a lot of small acts of kindness can really add up to something bigger, and better.